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At ARC Home Improvement, we don’t believe in using sales tricks to convince you to buy our product or services. We are truthful and upfront with you and are committed to helping you find the correct solution while using the best products.


1. Bait & Switch:

 (Example - 10 windows for $2,995, $189 installed)


This is an advertising tactic used by a salesperson to get his or her foot inside your home and subsequently charge you much more for the windows and installation than originally advertised.


A salesperson accomplishes this by advertising a window at a certain size with no options selected on it and the quote will only include the installation of placing the window in the wall opening. The quote will not include the price of the steps or products required to complete the installation to it’s finished state. Examples of options and products not included in the advertised price are energy glass, argon gas, and trim, which are all necessary to complete the installation and comply with energy requirements.


At ARC Home Improvement we quote


2. Special Offer:

      (Example - “only good for today”)


      This is a sales technique used by a salesperson to trick you into thinking that he or she is giving you a special deal that will expire once the appointment ends. We advise you to not believe this tactic and never sign a contract drafted under such misleading promises. It is always beneficial to get multiple estimates and compare the products and prices. Most products (manufacturer sales – how long do they last?)


            At ARC Home Improvement quotes are good for 90 days. After 90 days we will evaluate the quote and decide if we can still honor the quote. At no point will a quote only be good for that one day only.


Sometimes product manufacturers will run promotional deals that last anywhere between 2-8 weeks. A good way to validate if these deals actually exsist is on the companies website.




Before signing a contract, it is important to ask about all the details. Sometimes a low price can also mean a low quality installation.


  • Complete job: How will the windows be installed? Different types of windows are installed differently. The project consaltant with go over in detail on how your windows will be installed. We also recommend to check with the manufacturer for specific installation instructions for the product we, or another company is using.


  • Rotten wood: If any rotten wood is found during the installation, will it be replaced? At ARC Home Improvement we will notify you of any rotten wood we find. After discussing it with you we will then remove the rotten wood and replace it with new lumber.


  • Clean up: Will all trash be cleaned up and hauled away? Yes, any trash or debris will be cleaned up and hauled away at the end of each day, and at the completion of the project.


  • Contact: Will there be a project manager to contact if you have questions or concerns? Yes, a project manager will be assigned to your project and you will be able to contact them at anytime with questions or concerns.






When selling a window installation job, most companies focus on just the window itself and ignore the quality of the accompanying products, such as sealant and trim. By doing this, you may have purchased the highest quality window but have the lowest quality product attached to it.


ARC Home Improvement uses only highest quality sealants and trim to install its windows. We believe that quality shouldn’t just be focused on one product, but as a whole complete system. The products that surround your window should reinforce the reasons you selected that high quality window: reduce drafts and exterior noise, as well as temperature control. The highest quality sealant is proven to last longer and perform better compared to its inferior counterparts.




Windows 101

What is LowE Glass? LowE glass stands for low emissivity. LowE is a coating on the glass surface that helps minimize the amount of ultra violet and infared light that passes through the glass. LowE has been proven to reduce energy consumption, decrease fading of fabrics, such as window treatments, and increase overall comfort in your home.


What is Argon Gas? Argon gas is a non-toxic, inert, clear and oderless gas, that is filled between the two panes of glass. It is used to slow down the transfer of heat and cold through the window panes. Argon gas will dissipate from the window however there is no telling how long it will take.


Why do some vinyl windows turn yellow? First, many companies will use the term "virgin vinyl", you don't want virgin vinyl, virgin vinyl has no Titanium Dioxide or any specially-formulated pigments to help protect against ultraviolet rays. The windows that yellow have little or no additives to help protect them against the weather, and thats what causes the yellowness.


Are replacement windows a smart investment? Yes, on an average you will be able to recoup 75-85% of your investment when selling your home. 


Does your company only offer vinyl windows? No, we offer wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. We will help you decide on which product fits your project best.


How long will my new vinyl windows last? Each manufacturer has a different warranty, but almost all vinyl window companies have a lifetime warranty, so you should never have to replace your windows ever again.


Aren't all vinyl windows the same? No, each manufacturer will have a different extrusion and that extrusion is specially engineered for that specific manufacturer. Also it depends on where the vinyl is made, all the large manufacturers use vinyl from America. Some of the smaller manufactures use vinyl from China, and it may not be the same quality as the vinyl from America.




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